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Shankly accompanies instructional videos with many of it's specialty auto tools.   It's important we offer the very best customer care and educational platforms. Our commitment of offering a 5-star customer experience is our top priority.

Our Core Values

 At Shankly, we understand customer satisfaction isn’t just about offering a low price. It’s about providing top quality, highly durable products created with the best graded materials on the market. 

Bearing Separator Set, Bearing Puller, Steering Wheel Puller

Two of the most widely used and common bearing splitters (2 inches and 3 inch), helping the mechanic successfully complete a whole range of jobs. Shankly’s pulling kit features a bar puller and legs that are perfect solutions to complete pulling jobs safely and successfully.

 Shankly’s bearing separator set comes with four sets of hex push puller legs and a 5 inch bar type puller head with forcing screw, giving the user options to deal with various pulling jobs. This bearing puller kit can be used separately or in combination with other pullers and tools, making this tool valuable for beginners and professionals alike.

Oil Filter Wrench Set (3 Pieces)

Many oil filter wrenches require significant clearance to operate, to make things more challenging, many manufacturers don't put oil filters in the most convenient locations. Shankly’s universal oil filter wrench provides a low clearance, helping users dislodge filters even in tight spaces.

This oil filter cap wrench, with it's 2.75" - 3.75" adjustment range, is ideal for a wide range of cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV's, and more.

46 Piece Flywheel and Steering Wheel Puller

Shankly’s flywheel puller handles many different types of pulling jobs, from gear puller work, to pulley puller jobs, this toolset does the trick. Shankly’s 46 piece harmonic balance tool even acts a crankshaft pulley puller and steering wheel puller.

This harmonic balancer removal tool blow molded case keeps puller kit neat and tidy. The strong casing keeps this harmonic balance puller protected when inevitably dropped. Shankly’s crankshaft pulley puller features an assortment of bolts making this tool versatile for a range of jobs. 

universal spring compressor tool

Shankly’s heavy duty spring compressor for struts and coil springs reduces tool flexing, bending, and warping, providing confidence to the mechanic.

Many coil spring compressor tools slip and buckle under high tension, Shankly’s heavy duty spring compressor tool bears 1200 kg maximum capacity per pair. Ideal solution for larger vehicles.

Professional Lug Nut Socket Set

Shankly lug nut sockets efficiently transfers torque from the impact wrench to quickly loosening the most stubborn lug nuts. Shankly lug nut sockets are made from high-strength chrome steel making this lug nut remover more resistant than standard impact sockets resulting in a longer usable life. Shankly’s lug nut socket features thin wall impact sockets helping mechanics extract lug nuts quickly.

Set includes useful impact socket sizes 15MM, 17MM, 19MM, 21MM, 22MM to help remove lug nuts from many makes and models, providing a long lasting impact socket solution.

Professional Compression Tester with Useful Long Adapter

Engine compression tester with long flex hose and adapters eliminate the need to remove secondary equipment such as power brakes, steering, air conditioning and manifold components.

Shankly compression tester is compatible with domestic and imported cars and trucks with gasoline engines. Shankly's diesel compression tester serves as a dependable engine compression tester for mechanics.