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Register Your Shankly Automobile Tools

Register Your Shankly Automobile ToolsRegister Your Shankly Automobile ToolsRegister Your Shankly Automobile Tools

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Frequently Asked questions

Who We Are

Shankly Auto is an automobile specialty tool brand. It is an independent, private corporation that operates in the USA.  We are a proud American auto manufacturer.  At Shankly, we understand customer satisfaction isn’t just about offering a low price.  It’s about providing top quality, highly durable products created with the best graded materials on the market.  


Every auto tool we provide has been crafted with precision and carefully inspected. All of our automobile tools are built to last.  Where things go wrong, our experienced staff will work with you to make things right.  At Shankly, we aspire to be our customers long term partner and never just a vendor.  

Shipping & Handling

Orders within the contiguous 48 states will usually arrive within 4 to 5 days.  All of Shankly's automobile tools are stored at Amazon's fulfillment centers and fulfilled by  Amazon’s fulfillment services are world class and generally there are no problems with orders and delivery.  However, in the unlikely event you experience a problem, our auto manufacturer customer service team is happy to assist you. 

Have a Question...

We love talking shop with our customers. Send us a message and let's chat! We try our best to respond to all inquires within 24 hours.

Dealer Program

Shankly Auto is one of the nation's fasting growing specialty auto tool brands. Shankly automobile tools have a fabulous reputation among it's customers. Don't take our word for it, check out our +750 positive auto manufacturer reviews on Amazon.  

Instructional Videos

As your trusted auto manufacturer, Shankly accompanies an instructional video with many of it's specialty automobile tools. It's important we offer the very best customer care and educational platforms.